About Us

Our People Culture & Expertise

FOLTOY COMPUTERS NIGERIA LIMITED was incorporated in 1993 to major in software development for financial and other related industries, also to offer adequate Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education and training to corporate organisations and individuals. While our supplementary services cover every aspect of ICT, the experience and operations already gained are a great asset to widen the scope of the operations of the company, add better value for our customers. We remain consistent in rendering expertise services to our clients, which ninety percent (90%) of them are a financial institution, regardless of inconsistent and sharp fluctuations of Nigeria economy, based on the fact that these financial institutions need technological tools to enhance their business operations.

Our Mission

We would use modern technology, to design and build efficient systems that would drive productivity and business growth.

Our Vision

To ensure our customer businesses become proficient, productive and valuable with the use of technology.